About GIMworld

About Us

GIMworld's Background

GIMworld was established in 2018 and functions as an e-commerce company that specializes in shipping parcel services (ship-for-me).

We provide one stop delivery shipping services from
China (Guangzhou), China (Yiwu)Thailand, IndonesiaTaiwan, Korea to Malaysia.

We help to ship and consolidate small and big parcels purchased from any overseas E-Commerce (TaoBao, 1688, Alibaba, Pinduoduo, Yiwugo etc.) platforms, suppliers or factories and deliver to your doorstep. Import parcels in 3-5 working days.

Let us complete your shipping by air, sea and land. Your most reliable shipping agent throughout Malaysia.

Ship For Me

"Ship for Me" is an international logistic service that provides consolidating of goods that were purchased by customers in (several areas of) China and transporting them across border to another country.

After purchasing goods in China, customers will need to send them to the GIMworld warehouse address in China. Our operator will re-pack the parcels based on the customer's request by ensuring safety, protection and cost effectiveness.

The customers will be informed when parcels are consolidated. Once confirmation is received, the consolidated parcel will then be transported to the designated location, and be delivered according to the address.

Service Objective

Safe and Fast Delivery

We are committed to provide a better and more responsible logistics service. Our main objective is delivering the parcel to the customer in a safe and non-destructive manner within a certain period of time.

Efficient Customer Service

We understand that our customers would like us to help them deal with issues and concerns that they face. Therefore, we are committed to providing effective and efficient solutions to our customers by engaging them through different channels.

User-Friendly, Easy and Convenient

We are continuously improving our system and striving to develop more new features in order to provide a simple and convenient operating platform for our customers. This saves time and is easier for customers to handle matters relating to logistics.

Product & Service Description

GIMworld provides global containerization ("Ship for me"), parcel storage and transnational transportation services between China and Malaysia.


Parcel Storage

Customers can purchase their products in different countries and send it to the warehouse in another country.

Parcel information

The warehouse will receive the customer's parcel based on the provided information by combining all the parcels to ship back Malaysia.

International Shipping

Customers can submit their package to the warehouse according to the specifications in their waybill.

Extra services (Value Added)

Warehouses provide different customized services such as inspection of parcels, unpacking, waterproof reinforcements, photo captured inspection and etc.

Payment System

Customers can use all Malaysian payment gateways such as online banking, online transfer and through an ATM.

Guaranteed Services

We promise to compensate our customers if the parcel is lost during transit.