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Malaysia-China Air Shipment Sensitive Goods (West Malaysia)

0.5kgEvery 0.5kgRM39.00/0.5kg
1kg & AboveEvery 0.5kgRM17.00/0.5kg
Round Up Unit0.5kg
Description*Above price excluded outskirt area in China
*Price does not include tax

【Items that can be shipped】
1. Food, milk powder (taxes are required for goods above RM230) - 13% tariff
2. Health products, clothes, shoes, bags, cosmetics, electronic products, etc. (taxes are required for goods above RM140) - 20% duty
3. High-end cosmetics (DIOR , YSL , GUCCI, CHANNEL, etc.) (taxes with a value of RM55 or more) - 50% tariff