From 1/7/2021, China (Guangzhou & Yiwu) to West Malaysia Shipping Fee will be increased

In fact, the customs clearance fee of Port has been increased

Some of other logistics companies have increased the shipping fee

But for us, in order for everyone to enjoy shopping during the 618 Mid-Years Sales,

We are actually bearing the losses and on hold to increase the shipping fee.

From 1/7/2021 onward, China Sea Shipping Fee will be adjusted while our company still bears most of the costs!

Affected to:-

• Guangzhou to West Malaysia Sea Shipping Small Parcel - PROMO till 5/7

• Guangzhou to West Malaysia Sea Shipping Big Parcel

• Yiwu to West Malaysia Sea Shipping Big Parcel

 Visit our pricing table 

Kindly submit your delivery order asap!

Any orders that has been paid before 1/7/2021 9:00 AM, follow the old price.

From 1/7/2021 9:01 AM onward, follow the latest price.

Our company will launch more attractive promotional activities to reward everyone of you!

Stay tune with us!

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