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Delivery Fee

Korea to Malaysia-Sea Freight Normal & Sensitive Goods (West Malaysia)

1m3Every 1m3RM3,300.00/1m3
2-4m3Every 1m3RM2,100.00/1m3
5-7m3Every 1m3RM2,000.00/1m3
8m3 & AboveEvery 1m3RM1,800.00/1m3
Round Up Unit1m3
0.1m3 can contain up to 30kg
Duration18-22 Working Days
DescriptionGoods should pack in Pallet & Wrap in Black Wrap
Packing Fees:As Charged
Insurance & Liability: NO
Recommended to purchase insurance at 2% of good value
Transit Time: 18-22 working days