How to import a full container to Malaysia from abroad?

Full Container Load (FCL)
As the name implies, it is to fill your goods in one container and consolidate them together without mixing other customers’ goods, and ship them from abroad to Malaysia until they are delivered to your destination.

The whole cabinet is safer and faster than the loose cabinet
Since the items in the entire cabinet are all your own goods, you don’t need to worry about being squeezed by other people’s heavy goods.

After customs clearance, the process of dismantling the cabinet, sorting the goods and then delivering them is saved, so you can receive yours more quickly.

How to import FCL from abroad to Malaysia?



2. Choose Cabinet Size

20ft container = 28 cubic meters (m3) full of goods
40ft container = 68 cubic meters (m3) filled

3. Choose the method of packing/loading containers

EXW - From manufacturer's warehouse to customer's delivery point
CNF/CIF - From Malaysia port to customer's delivery point
FOB - From export port to customer's delivery point

4. Provide Information

You need to provide the following information to obtain a quotation:

Product real name
Product photo
Total value
Detailed shipping address

5. Consult

Finally, consult the salesperson to obtain a quotation and understand the process

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