Delivery & Service Fee

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Delivery Fee

Taiwan air shipping Normal & Sensitive Goods (West Malaysia)

1-3kgEvery 1kgRM37.50/1kg
4-10kgEvery 1kgRM33.50/1kg
11kg & AboveEvery 1kgRM31.50/1kg
Round Up Unit1kg
Duration5-10 Working Days
Description**Please inform customer service before send any parcels to Taiwan warehouse(016- 480 0770)
-Every Tuesday and Friday ship out

- Actual weight or volumetric, whichever is higher(volumetric = L*W*H/ 5000)
- Maximum weight: Each parcel cannot exceed 40kg
- Maximum size: Each parcel cannot exceed 150cm
- Prohibited items: cigarettes, drugs, flammable and explosive items, perishable items, sharp items, weapons, currency, animals. (These items strictly cannot be shipped)

Other Fee(s)

storage fees

Total Storage Days
1 - 20 DaysFree of Charge
21Day & AboveEvery 1DayRM1.00/1Day
Round Up Unit1Day
DescriptionThe storage fee is calculated based on the stock in date until the complete packing date. Please submit your product order 1 to 2 days in advance.

i. Free Warehouse Usage: 20 Days
ii. Calculation number of day starts when the parcel is received by the warehouse
iii. Calculation of charges: Starts when it is more than 20 days after being stored and weighed in the warehouse. Each product order (consignment no.) = RM1.00/ day.
iv. For example: If you require shipping on the 40th day after storage, you will receive a RM20 storage fee (RM1 x 10 days)..
* Exclude special situation: warehouse holiday & etc