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Delivery Fee

Japan Sea Freight to Malaysia Normal & Sensitive Goods (West Malaysia)

1m3Every 1m3RM5,300.00/1m3
2m3Every 1m3RM3,150.00/1m3
3-5m3Every 1m3RM2,450.00/1m3
6-7m3Every 1m3RM2,150.00/1m3
8-9m3Every 1m3RM2,050.00/1m3
10m3 & AboveEvery 1m3RM1,950.00/1m3
Round Up Unit1m3
1m3 can contain up to 300kg
Duration18-24 Working Days
DescriptionGoods should be pack in pallet and wrap in black wrap
Insurance & liablity : no
Purchase insurance 3% on goods value
Port : Osaka

Document need :
1) invoices must state JAN code to export from Japan
2) all selling item in Japan got JAN code , similar like product bar code, but in Japan such unique Jan code is a tax code that link to their tax system
3) packing list
4) once you give us invoice & packing list, we will do Japan export pre clearance.
Once done we will give you shipping order ( S/I) then your Japan shipper need to print such S/I & send goods to port as stated in such S/L, S/I need to show to port warehouse only can enter port hub


1️⃣ The above prices DO NOT include door-to-door delivery. If you need door-to-door delivery, please note that there will be an additional delivery fee.

2️⃣ If you choose to pick up the goods yourself, please go to: Shah Alam, Selangor.

3️⃣ Currently, we ONLY accept car parts and hardware items.

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