How to shop on Shopee Taiwan and ship to Malaysia?

Shopping in Shopee Taiwan, you can discover many good Taiwanese products that cannot be bought in Malaysia, such as Zeng Bien Noodles, Xiaopan Cake Square Pineapple Cake, Tangcun Nougat, etc.

You can find all kinds of brands that can only be seen in Taiwan!

After reading this article, you will learn how to buy Taiwan Shopee products in Malaysia and then just find a forwarder and send it back to Malaysia!


How to ship items from Taiwan to Malaysia

1)Register on the shipping website

Browse the GIMworld webpage, clickRegister”,in the upper right corner, fill in the name, email, phone number, etc., and then register as a member

(Note: the field marked with a star is required)


 2)Set warehouse address

After registration, click on "Warehouse Address" at the "My Order" in the backstage of the member centre, and copy the recipient code, warehouse address and phone number.

(*Note: Taiwan air freight and sea freight warehouse addresses are different, please decide first

Which shipping method should be used  and then ask the seller to arrange delivery to the Taiwan warehouse)

3)Register with Shopee Taiwan

Browse Shopee Taiwan, click Register in the upper right corner, you can register directly through Facebook / Gmail.

4)Set recipient address

After logging in, click "My Account" under the username, click "Address", and paste the warehouse address and information you just copied.

5)Add item into shopping-cart

Start searching for Taiwanese products and add them to the shopping cart.

Some sellers also provide coupons, which can be used appropriately.

Products from Taiwan that can be shipped back to Malaysia

Cosmetics, Health Products, Care products, Food(Except Fresh food and Perishable),Books, Snacks, Instant Noodles, Succulent Plants, Home Appliances, Daily Supplies, Bicycle, Bicycle Accessories etc.

Products that cannot be shipped back to Malaysia:

Batteries, Powders, Drugs, High pressure gas cylinder, Alcohol, Flammable Items and other illegal products

If you have any curious question not sure whether it can be ship back to Malaysia, please feel free to consult our WhatsApp:

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6. Payment

When you come to the checkout page, as long as the seller has activated the credit card payment function, overseas users can choose "credit card" payment

However, to make a successful payment at Shopee Taiwan, you generally need a Taiwanese phone number to verify your account

It is recommended to buy a Taiwan Sim card in Shopee in Malaysia

Please activate the Sim card seller and inform the seller that the purpose is to receive OTP in Malaysia

Or you can private message the seller to ask for bank account information

We can pay your seller on your behalf

From now on, try to place an order from Shopee Taiwan, and then send it back to Malaysia to your home!

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