How to Place an Order

How to Place an Order

Step 1: Fill in and submit the information of the product that you want to ship.

After completing an item purchase from an overseas seller, please click on "Ship For Me" in my account and fill in the relevant parcel information and submit it.

We offer 2 methods for filing in the product information:

1. Fill in and submit the product information you want to ship on the [ship for me] webpage.

2, Upload an Excel spreadsheet and submit an order

Fill in the details the purchased items from the seller side into the column. Click the "Submit" button when done.
You are required to fill in the necessary information as followed. (* = Required)

a.   * Select the currency type for the total price of the item¥ / RM / $ Note: Currently only trading in Ringgit Malaysia (RM)

b.   * Product Name – Fill in all items names as it is stated in the COMMERCIAL INVOICE.

       Example: If there are multiple items in a one express consignment note, please list out all product names as shown below-

       Product NameClothes, pantsbeltsstockings

c.   Seller – seller name or store name.

d.   * Express Company – If the logistics company you specified is not listed in the options, please choose: Other

e.   * Express No. – The courier number for each parcel must be unique (only one courier number can be entered), according to each delivery trip to GIMworld warehouse.

f.   * Quantity – Please fill in the quantity of the goods in each package/ boxes (*Note: not the number of packages).

g.   * Total Price – Total price for entire package as declared.

h.   Product Remarks - Example: Three bags of clothes, two bags of pants, one case of stockings, one bag of belts

i.   Select which country warehouse you want to ship to.

Once you have filled in the needed information, select the item that needs to be shipped and press the "Submit" button to confirm your order.

If your package has not arrived /  is still in the delivering process to the warehouse, you can choose "Save as Draft" to add other products next time. Once submitted, the shipping order will be generated immediately. You can click on "View Delivery Orders" to view the orders that have been submitted.

My Account -> My Delivery Orders > View: - You can check the order list from time to time.

- Click the Modify button to edit/ amend the order details of the parcel.

- Click Delete if the parcel order is not applicable. All records will be stored in the transaction history (My Account -> Credit Balance Transactions).

If you have more parcels to submit, you can repeat the steps above. Once your order is successfully submitted, the order status will be changed to "on the way" and the warehouse personnel will collect all the packages and then calculate the required fees according the actual weight and dimension measurement.

Note: The submission of the product information for shipping is not the final delivery order and is just for warehouse record purposes only. Customers can check the arrival status of the ordered goods together with the weight/package size.

Beside the method as above mentioned, you still can upload Excel sheet and submit your orders (for these bulk packages with multiple items). Download the “Reference Excel Sample” and fill out the package information and upload it to our website.

Step 2: Confirm Order Details

After submitting the product information, you will enter the next section as shown below.

Confirm billing details - you can choose to use an existing address or to add a new address. Press the Continue button to go to the next section.

Fill in and confirm your shipping address, which includes your last name, company name, contact number, address, city, postcode code, country and select your shipping area here. (Note: all information must be filled in to avoid any misleading when shipping the goods).

After confirming your shipping area, you will see different shipping methods and fees. Please choose the shipping method you want here.

Next you may choose any additional services. You can also fill in your special requests in [Add Comments about Your Order].

Please ensure that all information is correct before submitting the waybill to end the order submission process.

Once your waybill has been successfully submitted, you can go to [My Account], or click [View] to view the order details. You can also filter the search order list based on the selected date range. Then click the View button to check the order details.

The delivery order has been generated and the customer will see the submitted parcel delivery in my order page. The status of the delivery order is pending.

Step 3: Calculating the cost based on weight/ dimension measurement

When the ordered items is arrived(all parcels are received in full quantity), the status of the waybill will be changed to wait for weighing. At this time, please wait for the staff to weigh and provide the weight.

When the goods are weighed, the status of the waybill will be changed to wait for payment. The package information will display weight, shipping and total shipping costs.

When the delivery order is ready for payment, click the $ button and click on the payment button in the order details to pay for the shipping.

Step 4: Checkout - Choose payment method

If all of the information is correct, press the "Payment" button to pay the fee.

Before submitting the bill payment, the system will display all the charges require to pay. After the payment is completed, the delivery order status will be automatically arranged to arrive at the destination you have set.

Step 5: Order placed successfully, track your parcel status

When the payment is successful, the waybill status will be changed to "Delivery".

You can track the parcel status. Parcel Tracking lets you check the status of your international shipping and local delivery package.

Once your parcel arrived, your door step, press [Received] to complete the whole process.