2023 Chinese New Year warehouse holiday notice

1. China(GUANG ZHOU,YIWU)warehouse

Last receiving goods on 09/01/2023

14/01/2023 - 01/02/2023(Sat-Wed) -CNY on Holiday 19 days

02/02/2023(Thurs) -Resume back to work

2. Thailand warehouse 

Last receiving goods on 12/01/2023

16/01/2023-29/01/2023(Mon-Sun) - CNY on Holiday 14 days

30/01/2023(Mon) - Resume back to work

3. Indonesia Warehouse

Last receiving goods on 20/01/2023

21/01/2023-24/01/2023(Sat-Tue) - CNY on Holiday 4 days

25/01/2023(Wed) - Resume back to work

Please ask your sellers arrange delivery in advanced or reschedule to send parcels after holidays.

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