【China Shipping】9.9 Crazy Deals RM3/KG + FREE RM5 New Users Campaign Details

Campaign 1: 9.9 China Shipping Crazy Deals PROMO Details

 Sea Shipping (Small Parcel), PROMO price RM3/ KG (-50%) - Single consignment note within 9kg to 10kg

 Air Shipping,PROMO price RM15.50/ KG (Non Vol. / Half Vol. ) - Single consignment note within 11kg to 25kg

➤ Suitable for any users "Ship from China to West Malaysia" only.

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Campaign 2: FREE RM5 for New Users

 For the first shipment, RM5 shipping fee can be used for the rebate of next waybill without minimum spend!

➤ Suitable for "China Sea shipping to West Malaysia" first trial new user only.


Campaign duration:

August 19, 2021 (Thursday), 9 am - September 19, 2021 (Sunday), 11:59 pm

Terms and conditions:

- By participating in this campaign, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions and GIMworld.com's decision.

-This promotion is applicable to all GIMworld users.

Duties and rules (Campaign 1):

- This offer is only applicable from China shipping to West Malaysia.

- China sea shipping promotion price (RM3/kg) is only applicable within 9kg - 10kg.

- China air shipping promotion price (RM15.50/kg) is only applicable within 11kg-25kg.

- This promotion is not valid with any other ongoing promotions.

Duties and rules (Campaign 2):

- This promotion is eligible to new registered first-trial member only.

- This campaign is applicable for China sea shipping (small & big parcel) to West Malaysia only.

- The shipping credit is valid for one (1) time use only and can be used as a rebate on next order.

- The shipping credit will be added to your GIMworld account within 15-30 working days after end of the promotion.

- The shipping credit is strictly non-refundable, non-transferable to another GIMworld account and non-redeemable as cash.

- This promotion is not valid with any other ongoing promotions.

Modification and termination:

-GIMworld.com reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions or stop the event at its sole discretion without notice.

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